let’s ditch the prom poses and fake laughs.

we do real. we’re photographers for real life joy, real life tears. and real belly laughs.

we’re gonna pep talk you through your day, celebrating your love, and making you feel like a million bucks.

we are for the couples who want their day to reflect them honestly, and can’t wait to be surrounded by their people.

we’re for the celebrators at heart, who believe in not taking life too seriously.

this is for you.


hey, i’m jess.


west-coast based wedding and lifestyle family photographer.

my husband, Jon, and I shoot weddings together, which is a dream come true.

we are travel-lovers, sun-seekers, story-tellers, can always get down on a good dance party, and live to make each other laugh.

love is where this all started. and love is what guides us as photographers.



ever wanted to pick the brain of a former bride

to get her best advice on all things wedding-planning?

how about 12 brides?

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jessica wood photography is a west coast wedding photographer team based in seattle, washington. serving the local area of seattle and the surrounding areas, as well as san diego, california. they Often provide services for weddings across the U.S. and worldwide. they Specialize in capturing artistic portraits and have a story-telling, photojournalistic approach to produce natural, candid, and emotional wedding photography.  The Pacific Northwest is home but they’re available for travel worldwide.