The giddiness and butterflies, tears and belly laughs, bear hugs and dance-offs… we’re here for all of it.

Whether you’re frolicking barefoot on the beach or through downtown city lights, we wanna preserve not just how it looks, but how it felt.


because you deserve your day to be captured by photographers with a passion for story-telling, who will treat your wedding like it’s their own.

we totally get it - you’ve been planning, researching, and dreaming for your big day. and we’re likely the zillionth photographer you’ve clicked on. but we’re excited for you to know that this isn’t just a business, and we aren’t just vendors.

we relish the good stuff, we wanna get up close and personal with your wedding day to craft creative and beautiful images that feel like “you”.

stay a while, and have a look around — this could be the start of something real good.

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hey, i’m jess.

west-coast based wedding and family photographer.

my husband, Jon, and I run the wedding photography side of things together and shoot all our weddings as a team- which is as fun as it sounds!

we are lovers of travel, cooking, and the office, to name a few.

more about me here. >>


have a look around


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use the form below to contact me + we'll get rolling! tell me a bit about yourself, what kind of shoot you're inquiring about, and any questions you have. i can't wait to meet you!