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wedding and portrait photographer serving the greater seattle area and available for travel and destination weddings




i strive for beautiful lighting and real emotions to shine through my work. i'm all about telling the story. if that sounds like what you're searching for, if my galleries inspire you, make you smile, and give you the warm fuzzies, then i'd say you've come to the right place.

i can't wait to meet you, and see what we can create together.


i am a chaser of light and i love love.

 i live in seattle, photographing couples, sweet families, newborn babes, + scenes of my everyday life (occasionally featuring my fur baby + wonderful hubs). i'm pretty much always inspired by my surroundings here in the PNW- from the mountainous skylines to the bustling city streets.

i'm married to my very best friend, jon, who teams up to shoot weddings with me- bonus! when we're not working, we enjoy music, cooking, thrifting, and being outside. we are parents to the cutest fuzziest little tuxedo cat. and we are deeply passionate about our work as photographers.

it's an honor to witness and capture the magic - and the mess, amiright? - in peoples' lives. i delight in it. i care so much about handing over beautiful art to my clients and will work my butt off to make it happen. but the truth i've learned about photography is, people want real and honest and beautiful over trendy and glamorous any day. the portraits and photos that captivate and move me the most are the ones that document something real- not just the ones that are perfectly composed and edited. so my approach to photography is this: find the beauty that is already there. document that raw stuff. it's the best stuff- the stuff of life. and it'll outlive any artificial pose i could come up with for you any day.  

 a shoot with me consists of a little guidance, and lots of play. careful attention is given to candid, organic moments that unfold on their own. i'll do anything to capture every single one of those. unearthing the authentic is what i'm all about, not putting anything on camera that doesn't fit you in real life.