we’re the wood’s.


i am a chaser of light and an extrovert through and through. energized by people and their stories. jon is my easy-going, musical, adventure-loving hubs. we’ve been in love for 4 years + together we’re a west coast-based traveling wedding team.

we are sarcastic, a little dorky, and a lot sentimental. we’re lovers of rnb music, strong margaritas, and beautiful places. and we can always get down on a good dance party.

love is the reason we started on this journey together, and its the center of what we do. we are the photographers for the couples who are ok with going outside the lines. who know there’s no such thing as perfect, but there is such thing as real, deep, messy love. we’re for the celebrators who believe in not taking life too seriously.

this is for you.


we know we are likely the zillionth photographer you’ve clicked on. but we’re excited for you to know that this isn’t just a business, and we aren’t just vendors. 

we relish the good stuff, we wanna get up close and personal with your wedding day to craft creative images that feel like “you”. you deserve your day to be captured by photographers with a passion for story-telling, who will treat your wedding like it’s their own.


we believe there’s a little magic in everyone, and we wanna capture yours. Let’s do this thing—>


images by Alex Herbig