Being a family photographer means shooting my fair share of indoor newborn sessions, which in dark-and-gloomy Seattle, can present some unique challenges.

When I’m gearing up for in-home newborn sessions, there’s so much more that goes into making sure it’s a good shoot besides just packing up my gear and driving over. I first let all my clients know we’ll want to shoot next to a big window. Something that lets in lots of natural light (so we also have to be mindful of the best time of day to shoot in these rooms too). My motto is “bright and white” when I’m helping them decide what room(s) we should shoot in. Turning off all artificial lighting is also crucial to getting colors and skin tones that look the most natural. Lastly, outfit choices are vital to getting a palette that feels calm and bright and gives all the attention to the subjects.

Claire and her family picked the perfect outfits and rooms for their newborn family session. You’ll see too that we also selected rooms with very neutral color schemes and it helped the images end up with a timeless, natural feel.

Congrats Olson fam on your precious new babe!