Chris + Ineliz / Spring Couples Shoot in Queen Anne

April 24, 2019

Some people just radiate magic, and make you feel a little better about life just by being around them. They love each other and others with such depth, presence, humility, and tenderness that you can’t help but come away from feeling inspired to try to emulate in your own life. They laugh fully, deeply, can spread joy like no one’s business, and can connect with others over humor so effortlessly. That’s Chris and Ineliz. Capturing their dynamic and preciousness on camera was nothing short of a gift for me.

We paced ourselves strolling the quiet, spotless sidewalks of upper Queen Anne, me setting up the shot and watching their effortless dynamic unfold in front of my lens. There were blossoms and sunshine and greenery. I fell in love with the end result, and hope you will too!