i'm jessica.


i am a chaser of light. i love love.

 i live in seattle, photographing couples, sweet families, newborn babes, + scenes of my everyday life (occasionally featuring my fur baby + wonderful hubs). i'm captivated by the views here- from the mountainous skylines to the bright + bustling city streets.

it's a true honor to witness and capture magical moments in peoples' lives, and when i say i love my clients i really do. i care so much about handing over high quality, beautiful art to my clients and will go with my gut to make it happen. a shoot with me consists of a little guidance, and lots of play. careful attention is given to candid, organic moments that unfold on their own. i'll do anything to capture every single one of those. unearthing the real and wonderful is what i'm all about, and not putting anything on camera that doesn't fit you in real life. 

i strive for beautiful lighting and real emotions to shine through my work. if that sounds like what you're searching for, if my galleries inspire you, make you smile, and give you the warm fuzzies, then i'd say you've come to the right place.

i can't wait to meet you, and see what we can create together.