we're the wood's.

Award-winning photography team based out of Seattle, WA.

i'm jess. i'm a wedding + family photographer, a chaser of light, and an extrovert through and through. energized by people and their stories.

jon is my easy-going, musical, + adventure-loving hubs. we’ve been in love for 5 years and are parents to 2 tuxedo cats who we’re much too obsessed with.

together, we are people-lovers, sun-seekers, story-tellers, can always get down on a good dance party, and live to make each other laugh. and we really, really love our job.

through photography, we have learned to value our stories infinitely more.

we look at the photos taken throughout our lives, and we see the beauty, the richness, and the fragility of life.

+ what we've learned as photographers is this: our greatest story will be how we loved and were loved.

these are the stories we yearn to document. that real stuff, the messy, the imperfect, the beautifully sacred right there within the ordinary.