We're the Woods.
Award-winning photography team based out of Seattle, WA.
Hey, I'm Jess. I'm a wedding + family photographer, a chaser of light, and an extrovert through and through. energized by people and their stories. Jon is my easy-going, musical, + adventure-loving hubs. We’ve been in love for 4 years and are parents to 2 tuxedo cats who we’re much too obsessed with.

Together we’re a Seattle-based wedding team, which is my actual dream come true. We are people-lovers, sun-seekers, story-tellers, can always get down on a good dance party, and live to make each other laugh.

Love is where this all started. and love is what guides us as photographers.

For me, it’s not about perfect poses.
We want to create images that move you, that feel true and real and we're gonna have a good time doing it. Because it actually goes way beyond taking pretty photos. We're fully invested in the entire experience you come away with. Our clients know they can count on us, and we immerse ourselves in every part of their day to craft creative images that feel honest. You deserve your day to be captured by photographers who will treat your wedding, your family memories, and your milestones like their own.
We'll be your right hand people. Promise.

We believe there's a little magic in everyone, and we wanna capture yours.

Wanna get the ball rolling?
Don't be shy! Come say hi, we'd love to see if we make a good fit.